Privacy policy

1. Basic Principles of the Personal Information Protection

Amid the rapid expansion of the use of personal information that has accompanied the development of an advanced information telecommunications society,significance of protection personal information has been increasing. Against the background, “the Personal Information Protection Law” was enacted. Under this law’s basic philosophy, stated as “In view if the fact that personal information should be handled cautiously under the philosophy of respecting the personalities of individuals, proper handling of personal information must be promoted,” private companies are required to ensure the appropriate handling of personal information. To that end, Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd (hereafter “SOC”) positions the appropriate handling of personal information as a key management issue and will include it in SOC’s Basic Policy. In accordance with the above basic principles, SOC shall establish policies and a corporate structure of personal information protection.

2. Policies Regarding Personal Information Protection

(1) Acquisition of Personal Information
SOC shall acquire personal information in legal and honest manner.
(2) Use of Personal Information
SOC shall use acquired personal information within the scope of application indicated upon the acquisition of such personal information and only when necessary for its business operation.
(3) Provision of Personal Information to the Third Party
SOC shall not provide acquired personal information to a third party without obtaining the permission of the person to whom the personal information refers, except as specified in laws and regulations.
(4) Administration of Personal Information
  1. (i) SOC shall administer acquired personal information security and store with accuracy.
  2. (ii) In order to protect acquired personal information from loss, destruction, alteration and leakage, SOC shall take an appropriate information security measures.
  3. (iii) SOC shall not leak acquired personal information by physically transporting its strong media off company premises or by transmitting it.
(5) Disclosure, Correction, Suspension and Elimination of Personal Information
SOC shall take a prompt action in the event of a relevant party requesting the disclosure, correction, suspension or elimination of their personal information.

3. Corporate Structure to Protect Personal Information

(1) Personal Information Protection Administrator
SOC shall appoint a personal information protection administrator to ensure thorough compliance with and promotion of personal information protection.
(2) Dissemination of the Policies to All Directors and Employees
SOC shall disseminate the policies and promote best practices regarding the protection and appropriate handling of personal information among all its directors and employees.
(3) Development of Rules
With the aim of carrying out these policies, SOC shall establish in-house rules to protect personal information, promote personal information protection activities and disseminate the policies to all of its directors and employees.

Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd.
(Established in March 17, 2005)

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