To Our Shareholders

Our ESG Initiatives

The cement industry meets it social responsibility by providing a stable supply of quality cement while recycling industrial and household waste and industrial by-products as raw materials and fuel. The industry is thus deeply connected to environmental issues and contributes greatly to society.

In fiscal 2016, Japan’s cement industry processed 28,053 thousand metric tons of waste and industrial by-products. The Sumitomo Osaka Cement Group (including affiliated company Hachinohe Cement Co., Ltd.) accepted and processed 5,405 thousand metric tons of this total during the year.

Furthermore, recognizing that utilizing the abilities of diverse human resources will be important to sustainable growth going forward, in April 2016 we established a Diversity Promotion Group within the Personnel Department. We aim to be a company where women and other diverse human resources can shine.

Furthermore, we are actively engaging in such IR activities as holding small meetings and participating in IR conferences, aiming to deepen mutual understanding with institutional investors. We aim to maintain good, ongoing communication.

I extend my sincerest thanks to our shareholders and other stakeholders for their continuing support and confidence.

September, 2016