CSR Initiatives

Sumitomo Osaka Cement is working on a wide range of initiatives aimed at environmental conservation, recognizing that it is a member of society. These initiatives include preventing environmental problems, promoting greater energy efficiency, and active recycling of various industrial waste with the goal to achieve zero net emissions.

Acceptance of waste from disaster-affected areas at our cement plants

The Sumitomo Osaka Cement Group accepts waste from disaster-affected areas at its cement plants in an effort to assist with the recovery and reconstruction of these communities. Until 2014, we accepted waste and debris from the Great East Japan Earthquake for recycling at our Tochigi
Hachinohe Cement Co., Ltd.
Plant and Group company Hachinohe Cement Co., Ltd. originating from a wide area inside and outside Aomori Prefecture. In 2015, at our Tochigi Plant, we accepted waste (rice and tatami mats) from Joso City resulting from the collapse of the dike along the Kinugawa River caused by torrential rains that hit the Kanto and Tohoku regions. In 2016, at Hachinohe Cement Co., Ltd., we accepted wood waste from Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture resulting from Typhoon Mindulle that caused extensive damage mainly in the Tohoku region.

Supporting the reconstruction effort by accepting debris and waste from the earthquake that struck Kumamoto

We accepted wood waste from houses that collapsed during the April 2016 earthquake that struck Kumamoto at our Kochi Plant in an effort to support the reconstruction effort. This waste was transported from the disaster-affected area by ship and truck and is now being reused as fuel for our cement kiln. The waste is fully recycled, as the ash from the incineration
Wood waste storage warehouse at the Kochi Plant
process is used as a raw material in cement. The cement made from these materials is being shipped throughout Japan, including the disaster-affected area, for the reconstruction of communities and for infrastructure such as dikes that will help to reduce the risk and damage of future natural disasters.

Going forward, we will leverage our long-standing waste processing technologies to produce a stable supply of cement for community rebuilding efforts and for strengthening Japan’s national resilience.

Promoting a recycling-based society