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40GHz Pulse Carver LN Modulator
40Gbit/s Single Electorode Intensity
Modulator(Zero Chirp)PDF download (478kb)


Model T.MXH1.5-40PD-ADC-LV
Operating Wavelength 1.55μm
Insertion Loss ≦7.0dB
DC port Vpi@1kHz ≦3.0 V
Driving Voltage(Vpi)@20GHz ≦4.5Vpp
Optical Bandwidth*1 ≧20GHz
ON/OFF Extinction Ratio ≧20dB
Optical Return Loss ≧30dB
Chirp Parameter α - 0.2〜0.2
Maximum Input Power*2 20mW
Electrical Connector GPPO Connector
Optical Fiber Input 0.9mmΦPMF FC/SPC connector
Output 0.9mmΦSMF LC/SPC connector
Fiber Lead Length ≧0.7m
Operating Temperature 0℃〜70℃
Polarizer Included
PD Characteristics
Monitor PD Sensitivity 0.01〜0.40mA/mW
Monitor PD Extinction Ratio ≧8dB

*1: 3dB down(1GHz reference)
*2: Input polarization must be aligned to the slow axis of polarization maintained fiber before the maximum input
  power is inserted.
*3: DC port is electrically connected to RF port. Please use DC block capacitor between RF input port and driver amplifier.
*4: Qualified for the Telcordia GR-468-CORE

Ordering Information


* : Other connectors also available, upon special request.
If you need the different connector(s), please let us know.

* : The polarization state of the PMF is slow axis aligned.

Package size(Hermetically-sealed)

Package size(Hermetically-sealed)
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