Battery Materials Research

The battery materials and the battery parts

The unique materials and parts offer technical advantages to the wide variety of batteries such as Lithium Ion Battery, Solar Cell and Fuel Cell.The technique to control the particle size from single-nano to sub-micron and the microscopic porous electrode structure could demonstrate a highly functional features.

Lithium Ion Battery cathode material

We have been researching Olivine type structure Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), which enables high safety and long life battery, for its customization and the elemental technology development. The research and development of the next generation materials will be promoted. The material includes the promising high energy cathode such as Lithium Manganese Phosphate (LiMnPO4).

Functional paste for the Dye-sensitized Solar Cell

Crystal plane and particle size are controllable for our high purity and high crystallinity Titanium Dioxide. With Sophisticatedly prepared dispersion vehicle and pasting liquid of Titanium Dioxide, the production of various types of the porous structured electrodes is possible. Dye-sensitized Solar Cells made of the paste using our Titanium Dioxide nanoparticle have realized the world highest level Incident photon-to-current conversion efficiency.

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) electrode member

Our unique single nano-stabilized zirconia was stabilized with yttria and/or scandia. Using the material, highly activated SOFC electrode was observed, which could not be attained with already existing materials.
Excellent low-temperature sintering characteristics and porous and fine electrode structure enabled to maintain sufficient electric power generation efficiency at low temperature region (600℃) and to combine the energy-saving and the long operating life. The temperature is known as the region lower enough to decrease the electric power generation efficiency of the commonly used SOFC.