Our company engages in trading transactions in
various mineral products, including the limestone we produces.

Limestone for industrial use (steel, chemicals, ceramics)

We supply high-purity limestone to steelmills, chemical industries (for production of soda ash, carbide, glass, quick lime, etc.), cement industries, and electric power companies (calcium carbonate powder for thermal power stations).

Aggregate for cement and civil engineering

As it has become increasingly difficult to secure such natural resources as gravel and sand, there is growing need for limestone aggregate. Our company assures stable supplies of limestone aggregate to users from limestone mines the company has in various parts of the country (five company-owned mines and three seaside yards).

Limestone powder, silica powder
(for flue-gas desulfurization or construction materials) :

We supply thermal power plants with high-purity limestone in the form of fine powder which is used to remove sulfur oxides from flue gas. The company also supplies fine silica as a raw material for ceramic sidings.

Other mineral resources (dolomite, slag, etc.)

Our company also supplies various other mineral resources for steel, construction materials, fertilizers, paper, and ready mixed concrete.