1. From the Shuho mine, our company supplies Taiwan and South Korea with limestone
  as a raw material for steel.
2. Mineral resources not only for steelmaking but also for chemicals can be exported to
  countries in Southeast Asia.


Product quality in Shuho

1. Proved limestone reserve: about 4 billion tons Estimated limestone reserve: about
  7 billion tons

2. Chemical composition of limestone


  Cao Al2O3 Sio2 MgO Fe2O3 P S lg-Loss Total
Average 55.48 0.01 0.02 0.25 0.02 0.003 Tr. 43.74 99.52

3. Limestone is shipped from Senzaki Port.

1. From the Shuho mine, limestone is carried on a long- distance belt conveyor (16.5 km)
  to Senzaki Port.
2. Draft: 8.6 m (vessels of up to 15,000 tons can come alongside the pier)