Cement-Related Products Division

Welcome to Our Cement-Related Products Division

Here we would like to introduce the Cement-Related Products Division of Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co.,Ltd.

The division's high-performance products support the functions of modern towns and cities. With "Vigor to the community, comfort to the people" as the theme, our company is committed to building new communities and creating a better living environment. To this end, we have developed various construction materials and cement products. These construction materials and cement-related products are used in the development of comfortable towns and cities.

Cement-related products

Among our various line up, we would like to introduce
our main exported Cement-related products.

Lion Shisui

Comprehensive packages of materials and construction
services tailored to specific deterioration factors

■Refre Dry Shot Method

A spray method perfected through many years of technology development. Provides major improvements in dust and splashback generation, long-distance pumpability, and thick coating performance. An acid-resistant type is also available.

■Elgard Method

When doing salt damage repairs, this method eliminates the need to remove concrete containing chloride ions, to rustproof rebar or to coat surfaces. Greatly reduces life cycle cost relative to conventional methods.

■Ceme-Force Anchors

Anchors made of inorganic material are injected after construction. Can be used on submerged or damp surfaces, and do not affect underwater environments. Provide the same heat resistance as concrete after hardening.

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