Research & Development

 We are advancing various developments of the environment-minded cement production engineering, the new materials and the new working methods. These development results contribute as the materials/methods for the maintenance, repairment and reinforcement in the field of the social infrastructure.

 In the cement field, not only the high efficiency/energy conservation technology and the environmental adaption but also the more use of wastes and by-products technology have been examined. Also, the solidification materials we developed meet a variety of demands of the materials and construction methods suitable for soil condition.
 In the concrete field, we are advancing development from the point of high performance. The porous concrete is applied for highway/pavement, and the crack reducing concrete is used for important structures, respectively.
 The cement and concrete are applied not only for new projects but also for maintenance, repairment and reinforcement. In these fields, we focus to develop the combination of materials and working methods. For instance, there is “REFRE DRY SHOT”, which is combined the dry shot working method and our original polymer cement mortar technology. This has got a good reputation in the works of bridges, port/harbor facilities, tunnels and water channels by dust reduction.
 In the environmental field, “MAGICAL FIX” was developed for the fixation of heavy metal ions and the solidification of the industrial wastes and the soil which dug up from the large construction sites like tunnel construction.

 Cement industry has mainly two rolls. One is the arterial industry roll which is essential for infrastructure. The other is venous industry roll which re-uses wastes and recycles for cement. Therefore, we continue to develop the cement/concrete technologies for supporting the social infrastructure.

Porous concrete applied for roadway

Porous concrete applied for roadway


“REFRE DRY SHOT” working site