Responding to the need for product verification

All our cement plants make the best effort to specialize in respective markets,
in order to establish a cement production system that can meet various needs.
In addition, the company has rationalized its distribution system to ensure a stable supply of its products with a minimum transportation cost.

A wide variety of products for a diverse range of needs

Whether used in structures such as roads, tunnels or dams or in buildings such as power plants, Sumitomo Osaka Cement’s abundant lineup of cement products support a wide range of construction needs. Our network of outlets can provide user technical support while keeping abreast of today’s ever more diverse and advanced requirements.

cement production

Install in-house power plant and sell electricity

To cut electricity cost, we installed the in-house power plant in Tochigi, Ako and Kochi plant. We provide for oneself with electricity power entirely. The ratio of in-house power is more than 70% at our whole company.
In addition, surplus electricity is supplied to an electric power company.

Quality control system

We established an analysis center to combine quality control with analysis of raw materials, fuels and finished products. The analysis center was authorized as the test business establishment by the judging based on the ISO/IEC guide 25(Currently ISO/IEC17025). It is for the first time of cement company. In addition our all plants received ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. We strengthen a quality management system and environmental protection system.

Guide to Cement Plants

The company's cement plants are located in various parts of the country.
For more detail information of each plant, click the appropriate plant name in the map given below.

Japan map