Advanced Material Fine ceramic products of semiconductor equipment

High Purity SiC Sputtering Target


・Enable to achieve high deposition rate by DC sputtering.
(Over twice as fast than RF sputtering)
・Easy to produce uniform and high dense films.
・Fewer particles and dusts
・Enable to apply high electric power.


Code S312 S314 S511 S452 S202
Crystalline β-SiC β-SiC β-SiC* α-SiC β-SiC,C
Bulk Density (kg/m3×103) 3.19 3.18 3.18 3.20 2.50
Four-point bending strength Mpa
at room temperature
520 650 470 490 160
Vickers hardness 2700 2270 2250 2700 -
Young's modulus 420 420 410 430 -
Coefficient of Thermal expansion
4.0 4.9 4.9 4.8 -
Thermal conductivity w/m-K
at room temperature(W/m・K)
194 190 190 247 60
Electric resistivity
at room temperature
0.01 0.006 0.03 130 0.005

Material Grades and Deposition Applications

SSC Grade ( for SiC film)
Excellent abrasion resistance, anti- erosion, high refractive index and
high adhesion coating

CSI Grade ( for SiC and Carbon film)
Excellent abrasion resistance, low friction and
high adhesion coating

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