Advanced Material Fine ceramic products of semiconductor equipment

Electrostatic Chuck


・Enable to apply for wide range of temperature. (Room temperature to 200 celusius degree)
・Excellent for chucking and de-chucking performance. (Within 2 seconds)
・Excellent surface conditions. (Ra<0.01μm)
・Superior cooling performance. (30w/mK)
・Fewer metal impurities and particles on the chucking surface.
・Excellent durability against F and O plasma.
・Long life.

Purity (Except Al Si) 4N
Contamination on Silicon Wafer atoms/cm-2 <1010
Particles on Silicon Wafer Counts/8inch <500
Chucking Force (Without dots) gf/cm2 >2500
Chucking/Dechucking Time sec <2
Seal of Back Side Gas (5kPa) sccm <0.5
Thermal Conductivity at 200℃ W/mk 30
Flatness of Chucking Surface μm 2
Surface Roughness μm 0.01
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