Advanced Material Coating solution for UV shielding(SUMICEFINE)

Coating Solution for UV Shielding


・This coating solution applied for various printing methods contains ZnO nano particles
produced by a unique process as UV shielding filler.
・Enable to shield a wide range of UV rays and eliminate almost 100% of 375 nm UV or less.
・Enable to keep the transparency on items because the coating film is colorless and high transparency.
・This coating solution can be applied to varied prints without altering color because coating film of only a few μ is effective.
・This coating film contains high light resistance, and it is safe to human body.

ZnO nano particles

The relationship between Transmittance and Wavelength for PET film with and without ZnO coating .
*ZnO coating film shield UV light range.

Organic UV absorbing agend / ZnO

Light resistance on each coating films with organic UV absorber and with ZnO.
Irradiation intensity:100mW/cm2
(ZnO has superior light resistance compared to organic UV absorber.)

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